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companies that have participated and excelled at strivehouse.

Brudda logo


A K-12 education concierge platform offering support, tutoring, and counseling.

Avian Dynamics logo

Avian Dynamics

Empowering communities and government through a multi-purpose fixed-wing autonomous drone platform for Aerial Imaging and Cargo Delivery.

BrainFood logo


A sparkling water infused with psychiatry-backed nutrients to support focus, stress resilience, and brain health.

Pocket Scribe logo

Pocket Scribe

A direct-to-consumer, AI-powered dictation app for clinicians.

Opzer logo


A tailored software integration solution that helps accounting firms scale using automation.

GTFdigital logo


A productized, 100% done-for-you service to provide lawyers with new clients via Google Ads.

Repbot logo


A sponsorship intake form for creators which qualifies brands and provides more leverage to the creator.

My Immortality Project logo

My Immortality Project

A platform where anyone can find high-impact nonprofits and donate to causes they care about.

Spherical logo


A mobile app to help MBA students meet more like-minded peers and help them manage relationships with people in their network.

Turnip logo


A platform that helps anyone find the best doctor for their unique needs.

Ekosfere logo


An e-commerce website that helps students use more sustainable products.

Network Tree logo

Network Tree

A relationship management platform that helps you strategically organize and utilize your network in a more efficient way through features such as reminders, grouping, AI search, and note sections.

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